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THE HUNT – Gamification and mysteryshopping

Imagine, your work in a supermarket. On just a regular day a customer walks in and ask you where to find the milk. After a short interaction, you walk with the customer to the fridge.

You ask the customer what kind of milk he needs, and you answer some of his questions.

When you have the customer made happy, you return to the vegetables department and empty your storage.

Then suddenly the customer is back and congratulates you with your performance! But why? You just did your job right? Yes, that exactly what you did, but you also showed the customer the desired employee behavior. You helped him finding the special milk and you made a small talk. You were part of The Hunt. You revealed the mystery shopper!

Curious how you can engage your employees? Well THIS.IS.IT! The Hunt!

It is a completely new experience in the field of mystery visits – it is fresh, it is fun and a totally positive stimulation for your employees! This is THE challenge (it’s not a game) in which your employees needs to reveal the mystery shoppers. See for yourself why this could be the success-project of the year!


The Hunt is developed by Michiel van Eunen (gamification expert) and owner of Livingstory and nominated by the Gamification Awards 2018. Many clients as First National Bank, Deen and Boni supermarkten already experienced the big success of The Hunt. You will be surprised how amazed their reactions were after playing The Hunt. Team members who played The Hunt rate the experience with a 9 out 10 and are very willing to play this again.  

If you choose to play The Hunt will take you trough every step of the development, so The Hunt will be fully customized to your brandvalues, brandpromise and your desired employee behavior.


According to Wikipedia: Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game context. That’s exactly how to describe The Hunt. The Hunt is an alternate reality game (ARG). An ARG game is a highly engaging game (that is not a game) weaving the real world with a fictional world through a compelling backstory, role playing and being an insane person who can’t tell fantasy from reality. Remember, an Alternate Reality Game is a live event, the direction of which might change based on how players interact with the story and the game. The hunt will be played by you story and your scenario’s, it can be fictional or realistic, but it definitely connect to your performance improvement goal. It sounds crazy, but this is employee engagement in a next level.


The first key drivers are the puppet masters who manage the The Hunt. Most often they are a member of the design team, but it is not always the case. During The Hunt, the puppet-master often makes dynamic changes to The Hunt based on player interactions. They secretly work behind the scenes while the mystery shoppers are interacting with the players.

Another indispensable aspect is an interactive platform (like: speakap) for all the communication, video’s and pictures. It’s very important that all team members, game and puppet masters have access to this platform to make The Hunt a real success.

What do you get out of it?

Participating in The Hunt willencourage all your employees to provide the best customer service/guest service to every single customer in a playful way and, thus, improve customer satisfaction. They will compete against each other and you need some solid teamwork to become the best of all the teams. Who will reveal the most mystery shoppers, who is most up to date of the brandpromise and brandvalues and which store creates the best customer journey?

Ready for some action? Watch the trailers and get in touch with INPROVE for more info!

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